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SAN AIR MozzyNo 80g Carton (12pc)

SAN AIR MozzyNo 80g Carton (12pc)

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The SAN AIR MozzyNo Mosquito Repellent Gel Diffuser creates a mosquito-repelling barrier by releasing into the air, safeguarding your home environment.

It's a powerful ally against airborne bacteria, fungus, mould, and spores. Its unique formula actively targets these microbes, both in the air and on surfaces, halting their growth and reproduction by limiting their oxygen.

Can be used in a range of indoor spaces such as tents, offices, caravans, vehicles 

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces indoor mosquito presence
  • Quick-acting solution
  • Non-allergenic composition
  • Free from toxic chemicals


Product type: Mosquito Repellent Gel 
Packaged quantity: 12x gels per carton
MOQ: 1 
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